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... on pavement, dirt, and everywhere – and we want you to love riding your bike too! That's why we're here – to help you have the best experience possible on your bike. Check out our bikes and gear section to get the equipment you need, then see our event calendar to find a group-ride or race nearby.


Looking for a group ride?
We have plenty of road, mountain and cyclocross rides on our calendar.


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We have several road, mountain and hybrid bikes available for rental.


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latest posts

Just In! 2016 Endura Winter Clothing

We’ve got all new jerseys, tights, jackets, base layers, gloves, and warmers from Endura! Come by and check them out.  Made in Scotland, so they know how to make bad weather good riding weather.  A staff favorite.

18 Nov, 2015 C-Town Bikes

2015-16 Video Spin Training Sessions

Join us for a video spin class. We watch a training video or ride/race videos and ride our trainers. Don’t let the dark or cold keep you off the bike! Bring your bike, a trainer, and a towel. Class last about an hour. Starts promptly at 6:30pm on Mondays at C Town Bikes.

18 Nov, 2015 C-Town Bikes

Hammer Nutrition for Sustained Performance

Prevent cramps and refuel your body for optimal training and performance using Hammer Nutrition’s “Endurolytes Fizz” dissolving tablets and “Perpetuem Solids” chew tabs. Both products are vegan friendly with NO refined sugars / NO artificial sweeteners. CTown riders and racers use the Hammer Endurolytes product during training and races to prevent cramping through replenishment of the full […]

5 Nov, 2015 Jon Cheaves

Why Shop Locally?

Shop Small, Shop Local: when you shop locally, $45 of every $100 you spend goes right back into the city where you live. Compare that to $14 for every $100 for the big box – Wal-Mart, Target and Starbucks. We know you can’t always shop locally, but when you can- think of the police, fire […]

18 Dec, 2014 Cole Hayward