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Hammer Nutrition for a Sustained Performance.

Prevent cramps and refuel your body for optimal training and performance using Hammer Nutrition’s “Endurolytes Fizz” dissolving tablets and “Perpetuem Solids” chew tabs. Both products are vegan friendly with NO refined sugars / NO artificial sweeteners. CTown riders and racers use the Hammer Endurolytes product during training and races to prevent cramping through replenishment of the full spectrum of electrolytes. That’s what “Endurolytes Fizz” effervescent dissolving tablets are designed to do when you plop them into your energy drink- try mango, lemon-lime and grapefruit flavors! “Perpetuem Solids” chew tablets are blended with GMO-free soy protein to slow protein losses and muscle cell consumption during long, sustained endurance training and racing. Visit the store to consult CTown age group athletes just like you, then try strawberry-vanilla, orange-vanilla and caffe latte flavors.

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